• Nehemiah 6:15-7:73a

 “…until a priest with Urim and Thummim should arise.” –Nehemiah 7:65, ESV

The people were coming back into a city not yet rebuilt. Some who claimed to be Israelites could not be proven by genealogy to be so. Without turning them away, the governor commanded that they were not to take of the most holy food until a priest could affirm them. The highlighted portion of verse above was the kicker: they didn’t yet have a priest.

The governor and these people both showed patience and a trust that God would raise up a priest. The governor did not make a decision one way or the other. He chose instead to protect holiness and to wait until the man God chose was brought forth.

Are we willing to wait for God to bring someone forth into a position? Or more aptly, do we trust that God will actually bring someone up? Do we trust that He knows the importance of the decisions that need to be made? Do we trust that His timing will be the best timing of four best good?

Are you willing to wait for God to raise up His choice?

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