• Psalm 119

 “Your commandment makes me wiser than my enemies, for it is ever with me.” –Psalm 119:98, ESV

If you have ever watched a mystery show or crime drama, you know that the way to catch a killer is to be a step ahead, to know a bit more, to think a bit differently. The same is true in the spiritual warfare we live in every day. Whether you recognize it or not, there is a war going on for the souls and lives of people every moment. It is not just a heaven or hell question; it is also a battle to put in ruin the lives of those who are already eternally sealed for heaven. The enemy wants to make your life miserable. He wants you to question your faith and your God. He longs for you to forget the miraculous birth of the Messiah and Jesus’ sacrificial death that tore apart the power of death. The enemy wants you to feel ruined, even in your redeemed state.

Though the psalmist was likely discussing his physical enemy, of which he seemed to have many, we can apply these truths to our everyday lives as well. If your enemy is also in the physical world, I can tell you from experience, that following God’s commands will make you wiser, will protect your honor, and will bring you out the other side with more spiritual strength than you thought possible. Ultimately though, even in our physical battles, the deeper issue is a spiritual one. Will you trust the commands of the Lord? No matter the situation? If you answer that question affirmatively, and you behave on that decision daily, you will find the spiritual battles will be fought differently. For you will be wiser than your enemy. The devil’s downfall was disbelieving God. Make him regret trying to mess with you by following God’s commands.

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