• Psalm 120-134
  • Nehemiah 12:31-47

“…to give thanks to the name of the Lord.” –Psalm 122:4, ESV

To where do you direct your thanks? To whom is it that your grateful heart attributes that for which you are thankful? we are encouraged to be grateful. Reports release frequently saying science proves that gratitude increases the perceived quality of one’s life. But to whom is that gratitude given?

Yes, say “thank you” to the person checking out your groceries, or preparing your meal, or performing a task at work. But recognize the Hand behind all of those situations. God provided that grocery checker who made you smile with a joke…because He knew you needed that joke. God gave you the chef who made the menu for that particular day which happened to have that particular dish that you enjoy so much. And God gave you that employee to do that thing that made your workday that much easier.

Yes, absolutely express gratitude to the people you encounter. In that, recognize the One who orchestrated that encounter, and give all praise to Him.

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