• Psalm 114-118
  • Psalm 135
  • Psalm 136

 “…for His steadfast love endures forever.” –throughout Psalm 136, ESV

If you wandered my home, you would find artifacts of previous generations. The hurricane lamp that was my maternal grandma’s. The dinnerware that Great Grandpa gave to Great Grandma  in 1949. The glass cake stand that belonged to a different Great Grandma, given to me by my paternal grandparents. And at Christmastime, the carved nativity set given by my aunt to my maternal grandparents, back to my aunt upon their passing, and on to me. The marks of previous generations live in my experience.

I cherish these memories. The 50 years of generations running around the living room coffee table that now sits in my great room. The memories of the glass doors rattling in grandma’s dining room on the same hutch that now sits in my home. The people are no longer in this world, but memories remain.

So it blows my mind that God is still around. The God who lit up that bush to get Moses’ attention is the very same God that met me this morning over Romans. The God to whom Jesus prayed in the garden, is the very same being that delivered me from chronic back pain. The very God who put a star in the east for the wise men to see is the one who set Jesus on the throne when His sacrifice was finished.

The. Same. God. There is no generation gap, no relaying stories to others so that they might catch a glimpse of the familial relationships. None of this. The exact same God that led my great grandparents is the exact same God that leads me. Baffling; my constrained mind cannot grasp the eternality. And yet, I am so completely grateful that He is above all, the first and the last, the Creator and sustainer. For if we were relying on a mortal to sustain us, we find ourselves in trouble. God is the great bridge. He is greater, and larger, and far more expansive that our limited grasp on time can tell.

“…for His steadfast love endures forever.”

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