• Job 26:1-31:40

The teachings from the book of Job so often revolve around how he remained faithful to God throughout all the infirmities allowed on him. We learn of his friends with dubious advice. We try to not be the friend and to be the enduring Job.

But Chapter 31 floored me. For it is easier to say, “I will endure. I can endure. By Christ, I will endure,” than it is to say, “God, judge me for my wrong-doing.” We rejoice in the grace found in the Cross. But in so rejoicing, have we lost understanding of the due penalty of our sins? Are we so caught up in grace, that we don’t give sin the weight it holds? And would we be humble like Job to beg God to show us our faults?

May we move beyond the white-knockled endurance lesson from Job. May we also take away the humility and reverence for God that led him to beg to have the sin unveiled and rooted out.

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