• Job 32:1-37:24

32 chapters later, Elihu speaks. Much has been written and taught on his declarations. What stood out to me was how he went about doing it. Re-read chapter 32. Elihu was burning with anger throughout the entire previous chapters of interaction. He burned with anger and did not speak. He showed honor to his elders, and in chapter 32, he spoke honor to his elders. He kept silent while he burned within. And at the right time, he respectfully…well, took them to the woodshed.

For chapters 33-37, at least for today’s reading, Elihu lined out the words of the elders, the claims of Job, then put forth the greatness of God. His anger led him to respectful reproach. He did not head to the social media scene of that day and decry the words of the elders. he did not keep his anger within and whisper gossip to those around him in the square. He did not craft a pithy  status update for all to “like.”

He took his anger, he combined it with the scriptural requirement that he honor his elders, and he showed them all how they had gone awry.

Are you righteously angry about something? How have you handled it? I purport that Elihu shows us all how to honor the Lord, honor the truth, and respectfully disagree with those who would be considered more wise. And God bless him for not ending his schpeel with “how do you like them apples?” This wasn’t a throw down, it was a lesson, in both the greatness of God and in how to show honor to another amid righteous anger.

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