• Job 38:1-41:34

As I approached these chapters, there was a question in the back of my mind about a situation in my life. It is a question that arises more frequently than I would like, but it is there. And as God answered Job in these chapters, He answered me as well. Who am I to question the way God has laid out my life? Who am I to think I have wisdom that above the situation, to think I can see what He sees. Who am I to think I have answers?

Do you have a persistent issue nagging your brain? Is there a question that you have yet to bring to the Lord? I challenge you to do so. Think of it, lay out your concerns before Him, then begin reading chapter 38. The God who laid out the foundations of the earth, Who feeds the wild animals, and who knows the ins and outs of your life knows what He is doing. Then show the wisdom Job showed in the beginning of Chapter 40. Be silent before Him and hear His words. Soon, your issue will seem both small and large. Small in comparison to the depth and breadth of all that God handles. Large in that the God who created and oversees all the earth knows your concerns and handles your life too.

Do not be afraid to hear these questions from God, for in questioning us, He shows us just how wide and intimate are His workings.

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