God the Creator When I Feel Unhappy, Discontent, or Disappointed

The truth about life is this: life happens, there will be emotions and reactions to those happenings, and your faith needs to be bigger than those reactions.  This is both simple and complicated.

The simplicity of the situation is that all of life comes down to the choice of choosing faith, or choosing whatever there is vying for attention outside of faith.  But first, we must explore what this is not.

Choosing faith is not closing your eyes to the world around you, plugging your ears, and singing songs to distract yourself from this world.  It is not saying “God is in control” and ignoring your emotions and reactions.

How can we know this?

Read the following verses.  Write out what strikes you about each one.

  • Psalm 9:9
  • Psalm 31:7
  • Psalm 50:14-15

What is the consistent theme of these verses?

Jesus promised us we would have trouble—and He always keeps His promises.  The Psalmist writes of both the trouble in his life and the reaction of God.  We will have trouble.  God is not intent on us ignoring it.  He is intent on us choosing faith in our time of trouble.

Unhappiness, Sadness, Discontentment, Disappointment

The fundamental root of unhappiness, sadness, discontentment, and disappointment is unfulfilled expectations.  We have an idea about how life “should” work out, and when it doesn’t, we have a natural reaction to it.

Throughout this study we will not necessarily explore each individual emotion.  This will not be a practice in rehashing your hurts or comparing your hurts with another’s to see whose life is more painful.  For this is not God’s will for His people.  He knows this life hurts.  And He wants His people to work through the emotions, work through the reactions, and see Him in each situation.

Unfulfilled expectationscause us to fundamentally question who is in control of this wacky world.  You have expectations.  Expectations about the quality of life, who will be in your life, how they should treat you, and how the course of a day should run.

And when those things go awry, unhappiness ensues.  When unhappiness is allowed to remain, sadness becomes a state of being.  Where unhappiness and sadness hang around, discontentment, disappointment and bitterness are soon to follow.

Like anything else, there is a first step to this series of emotions.  Often, that first step is unhappiness.  Unhappy with a situation, you have a choice.  Who are you going to follow?  Your own expectations?  The shared expectations of those around you who bolster what “should” and “should not” be?  Or the One Who holds the entire world in His hand?

When unhappiness knocks on the door of your soul, remember this: God is the Creator.  Whatever expectations you may have, He is the One Who set the world into motion.

Read Ecclesiastes 11:10-12:1, and write what stands out to you.

According to this passage, when should the Creator be remembered?

Review the work you did in the introduction section.  Where is the foundation of your worship life?  If it is currently centered on you, now is the time to make the change.  Battling unhappiness is hard enough when your center is God.  Battling unhappiness when your center is you leads to confusion—after all, you are the one who had the expectations in the first place.  It was those expectations that were not realized, and the unhappiness you feel stems from that.  You cannot rely on yourself to get through.  You must re-center your life and expectations on what God demands.

What is He asking you to do right now?

Read Isaiah 40:21-31 and write what stands out to you.
How is God described in this passage?

What questions are asked in this passage?

These questions serve as great touch-points.  When the world around you is confusing, remember “Have you not known?  Have you not heard?”  And from there, remember all the things you know about God.  Remember all the ways He has led you in the past.  Remember all the wisdom He has bestowed.

Write out Isaiah 40:28.

Review this verse over and over until it resonates in your heart and soul.

What is standing in the way of you centering your life’s expectations on God?

Why are these things difficult to let go?

What is God asking you to do with what you have just learned?

Commit today to follow the Creator, to replace your expectations with His.

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