• Matthew 12:22-50
  • Mark 3:20-35
  • Luke 11:14-36
  • Luke 8:19-21
  • Matthew 13:1-52
  • Mark 4:1-34
  • Luke 8:1-18
  • Luke 13:18-21

“…whoever does not gather with Me scatters.” –Luke 11:23, ESV

Jesus works with purpose. He comes to gather. Born in a lowly stable to a poor couple, His life threatened by Herod even at the age of two. Aside from hanging out at the temple at twelve when His parents thought He was with them, His life up to the point of the wedding at Cana was not described in Scripture. His brothers questioned His teaching, wanting Him to stop drawing attention from the religious leaders.

Jesus’ life was everything that would make Him appealing to the lost and broken. Average-looking in physical stature, His actions were all that would draw anyone to Him. He draws people to the Father. He draws people under the comforting work of the Holy Spirit. He gathers. The lame, the weak, the broken, the wretched…Jesus drew the sick that they may know healing.

He draws you and me that we may know Him better. Jesus draws us that we may partake in His mission: joining Him as He gathers His harvest.

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