• Matthew 8:23-34
  • Mark 4:35-5:20
  • Luke 8:22-39

If Jesus brings us into a storm, rather than freaking out, maybe we should look to Him and mirror His approach. Jesus brought the disciples into the storm-tossed boat. He suggested the ride, and then He lay down for a quick snooze.

We possess an advantage over the disciples: we are on this side of the resurrection. We get to know that Jesus truly is the Christ. We know He conquered death that we could be drawn to Him. We can still take a lesson from the disciples. When they feared, they poked Jesus awake. When we fear, we can do the same. We can come to Him terrified and let Him address the situation.

The greater lesson we can learn from this side of the cross is this: If Jesus led you here and He has no concerns, you can rest easy regardless of the wind and waves.

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