• Matthew 9:18-34
  • Mark 5:21-43
  • Luke 8:40-56
  • Matthew 13:53-58
  • Mark 6:1-6
  • John 5:1-47

Jesus doesn’t mind giving away His power. The woman with the hemorrhage snuck up through the crowd and touched His garment that she would be healed. She didn’t bother Him; she didn’t want to get in His way or stop His progress. She just needed a little power beyond herself. She needed something from him that only He could give. She knew it. And she did what she needed to do to get it, but she did so without keeping Him from anything He was doing that day. She didn’t seek to be noticed. She didn’t seek to make the record of healings. She just desperately needed power outside of herself.

But…and this is a big but…Jesus embraced giving away His power. Jesus felt power go out of Him, which He knew could only come by an act of faith, so He turned to give attention to the one who sought to not be noticed. He affirmed a woman outcast. And He took great joy in giving healing, in giving His power to feed the faith of a follower.

What makes you think He won’t have the same joy in giving His power to you? What makes you believe that He wouldn’t turn your way, say affirming words to you, and give you the emotional balm you need as well in addition to the healing already given?

Do not fear your request will take Him off His track. he enjoys giving His power to His followers.

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