• John 9:1-41
  • John 10:1-21
  • Matthew 8:18-22
  • Luke 9:51-62

“Jesus heard that they had cast him out, and having found him…” –John 9:35, ESV

The man Jesus healed from being born blind did not receive a celebration at his healing. He was interrogated by Pharisees. His parents passed the buck on stating Who it was that healed him. And he received even more questioning again. He spoke what he knew, and as a result, he was cast out of the synagogue.

He lived his life blind, which severely hampered his ability to make a living to care for himself. Now that he could see, his removal from the synagogue had the same effect. Without support from the parishioners, without their business, he walked again into a destitute life. But Jesus found him.

Jesus heard of the casting out and went in search of the man. Jesus could not leave him with his questions. The man proclaimed the truth he knew to the Pharisees. Jesus would provide the rest of the Truth that he could be truly set free from the bondage of sin. Though he lost what was his for only a brief time, he gained eternity. All because Jesus came and found him.

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