• Matthew 24:36-25:46
  • Mark 13:32-37
  • Luke 21:34-38
  • John 12:20-50
  • John 12:20-50
  • Matthew 26:1-16
  • Mark 14:1-11
  • Luke 22:1-6

“And Jesus cried out and said, ‘Whoever believes in Me, believes not in Me but in Him who sent Me. And whoever sees Me sees Him who sent Me. I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in Me may not remain in darkness.'” –John 12:44-46, ESV

Throughout these passages, Jesus exhorts the listener to stay awake for nobody knows the hour the Son of Man will return. He then describes remaining alert as not being weighted down by the cares of this world. But as any good coach will tell you, you cannot just stop a bad habit; you must replace it with something, hopefully a good habit. In the same manner, we cannot simply stop worrying about issues of this world, we must refocus our minds and hearts on something else. John 12:44-46 tells us where we can pivot our minds that the not-worrying part can have something on which to focus. We must focus on that which comes from the Light. Where He spent His time, we should spend ours. What He taught as important, we must also prioritize. The Jesus Who came to save us provided the way by which we could accomplish the not worrying part. Focus on Him and the weight of this world will seem meaningless.

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