• Matthew 26:57-75
  • Mark 14:53-72
  • Luke 22:54-71
  • John 18:12-27

“And Peter had followed him at a distance, right into the courtyard of the high priest…” –Mark 14:54, ESV

When Jesus goes someplace unknown, we can be like Peter. We commit to Him, but we get nervous about where He goes and what He might experience. We think that maybe watching Him from afar will protect us from uncertainty. What it does instead, like Peter, is put us in a position of experiencing challenges to our beliefs from those who knew we believed something different than how we currently behave.

Our hesitancy serves as a lesson. But it does not derail the plan for our lives. Peter came back to be one of the most prolific evangelists, using controlled passion to proclaim the truth of the cross. It could even be that because of his thrice denial, he became even more impassioned regarding the truth of the Christ Who came to save. If you have followed from a distance, do not let the enemy use that to shame you. Repent, turn back to Jesus, and get on with your calling.

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