• Matthew 27:27-31
  • Mark 15:16-20
  • John 19:1-16
  • Matthew 27:32-56
  • Mark 15:21-41
  • Luke 23:26-49
  • John 19:17-37

Jesus’ ministry and death carried one underlying reality: mob mentality. Throughout His ministry, He was followed by a mob. It was a kindly mob, but a mob nonetheless. The groups of people did what others int he group did: they asked for healing, they listened to the teaching, they followed Him down the way.

Throughout His trial and crucifixion, Jesus experienced a different mob. This mob grouping mocked Him, hurled accusations at Him, and called out for His death. The mob of followers during His ministry either dwindled away or became part of the vocal mob of condemners.

Yet two stand out. Two men who could have easily fallen into the mob of their peers stood apart. While one crucified thief demanded Jesus to work miracles, just as the crowd below shouted, the other stood apart. Still being crucified, still facing the same fate, and still looking at the same Jesus, the second thief defended Christ and asked to be remembered. Jesus granted the second thief’s request.

Then, at the foot of the cross, stood a soldier. While his counterparts mocked, jeered, and stirred up dissension against the Christ being crucified, this soldier saw something different. We don’t know if he always stood apart from the crowd or if he had a change of heart at Jesus’ death. But we do know that he saw Jesus for Who He really was, and the soldier spoke the words aloud.

The mob mentality can take over if you are not careful. Just because a group of people agree together does not make that group right. In every season, in every situation, be sure you perform an individual assessment, bathed in prayer, of the situation. Do not be swept up in the mob around you. Know for what you stand and the reasons for which you stand there. Some days there may be a crowd unified in holy agreement. Other days you may stand alone.

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