• Luke 14:25-35
  • Matthew 18:10-14
  • Luke 15:1-32
  • Luke 16:1-31

“Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple.” –Luke 14:27, ESV

I spent years trying to carry the cross of others. I could see their struggles and would try to do what I could to ease their burden. Though there is some healthy approach to this, my approach was not. I forsook my own calling, my own gifts, and the urgings of the Holy Spirit, having convinced myself that carrying another’s burden ranked higher than any other calling. I lost myself, and I was wrong.

“bear his own cross”

Rather than bearing my own cross, I bore others’. But Jesus didn’t put me here to ignore the call He has given. Once I realized how lost I had become, I started scaling back. I noticed the situations that would create temptation for me to put another ahead of Christ and I began to remove those opportunities. In focusing solely on Christ, I found again who He called me to be. And in the strange paradox that is following Christ, I became far better able to help others in a healthy way.

You have your own cross. You have your own calling. And you have experiences waiting for you that will build you in to the person Christ created you to be. Do not forsake your own experience.

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