• Matthew 21:18-22
  • Mark 11:20-26
  • Matthew 21:23-32
  • Mark 11:27-33
  • Luke 20:1-8
  • Matthew 21:33-22:14
  • Mark 12:1-12
  • Luke 20:9-19

Luke 20, verses 1-8 provide an account of religious rulers challenging Jesus’ authority in the temple. They asked Him by what authority He could say the things He said. Jesus didn’t answer them directly. He instead asked them a question about baptism. Knowing their hearts, He knew they would know the correct answer, but also that they would be tempted to lie.

When they chose to lie by saying they didn’t know, Jesus chose to not answer their question. If they weren’t going to be honest with Him, why should He provide them any information? In being indirect, Jesus directly pointed out their motives. Had they been genuinely searching for the truth, and willing to be completely honest with His questions, I suspect they would have received a lesson in heavenly authority.

When you come to Jesus, are you willing to expose your underlying motivations? Are you willing to have Him bring up wrong-ness in your life? Do you value the truth more highly than you value your pride? If you answered yes, then come to Jesus. Ask Him your questions. He loves a seeking heart.

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