I put it out there. I said the words, or rather, I wrote them in an email. A secret “bucket list” type goal I have held near and dear for many, MANY years, I told someone. Not just any someone, but someone who had done the thing many times. It was my own little dare.

Daring myself to put it out there.
Because once I say it, my personality is driven to do it.
Once I put it as possibility, I so want to go back later and call it completed.

So I stepped out. I put the words in writing. Now, comes the planning.

I want to do a triathlon. And the person I told does them for fun, has completed a half ironman, and doesn’t blink at signing up for yet another. I put it out there…and then I wondered if I would actually do it.

The funny thing about those things is this: once you take one little step, all you have to do is take another little step. In my adventure, the first step was telling someone.

Step two: actually finding triathlons in the area that could be possibilities. A quick internet search revealed a triathlon club in my city and a social media page I could “like” to get updates.

Step three: equipment. How does one without a pool get a pool? Internet search, gym tours, and university memberships answered that question.

Step four: receive social media update that this particular triathlon club added a “super sprint” course “for all you beginners.” Okay, soooo, it looks like this summer is the summer.

Step: create training schedule. Step: order a swimsuit (amazing the sales they have in November). Step: start shopping for a bike so when spring comes, riding will come too. Step, step, step…and the seemingly huge goal is one step closer to reality.

One small step at a time. I don’t need to be able to do it all right now. I just need to build toward being able to do it all in June.

What goal have you been putting off? What deep dream has God laid on your heart that you haven’t been brave enough to share yet? Is He tugging? Is He nudging and elbowing you to step out?

Me too.

Only focus on one step at a time. His light will guide your path, though it may not reveal the endpoint quite yet. He plants things in our hearts to keep us going. This particular dream of mine may not be all that spiritual, but the physical output required to achieve this goal will serve as huge stress relief, enjoyable recreation, and the time hanging out in the nature He created. So maybe it is super-spiritual after all. Whatever the dream, if He’s nudging you to do it, put it out there. You’ll be surprised how each step comes one right after the other.

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