Bumps, bruises, and oops-es are a normal part of my existence. Stubbed toes and bumped elbows mark many days. But one thing I notice: at night, when extinguished lights leave pure darkness at home, two ways will get me to bed. One way results in more painful toes and bumps. The other approach slivers more consistently pain-free paths.

When I close my eyes in the dark, I get to bed without a scratch. It seems paradoxical. Shouldn’t open eyes allow for the slightest light in to shed, well, light in the darkness? Wouldn’t open eyes catch hints of a corner’s edge over closed eyes? Apparently not. Wandering with closed eyes brings more positive results. Consistently speaking, if I leave eyes open, I end up wincing.

“for we walk by faith, not by sight.” –2 Corinthians 5:7, ESV

Walking by faith mirrors walking in the dark much the same way. In faith, when we try to see the hints and corners, we miss the wall and toys on the floor. We stub and stumble and pain our way through a life adding more hurt to life than necessary. The life of faith requires us to hold on to the truths of scripture and stop trying to outsmart the spiritual laws of truth. In that trust, we can fully see by choosing to be blind.

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