blog--2014-01--Jesus-knows-we-willI wonder what Jesus really looks like.  I realize that I spend so much time “deciding” what He is that I miss out on Who He is. Stuck on my toddler drawing of a family, my image of Him in some ways has not evolved with my knowledge of Him. Yet with every reading of scripture, every study, every commentary read, my drawing should grow more and more refined.

A novel I’ve re-read too many times to count, shares a scene of an FBI agent who is tasked to protect a witness drawing a stand of trees. Over and over he draws the same trees, the same fence line, the same grasses. When asked, he would say he was refining his drawing skills…which was true, but was hardly the point. He drew the trees over and over so that he would instinctively know when something was amiss. He was protecting a witness from a highly trained assassin. He needed instincts as much as he needed strategy. And so he drew that which did not change so that he would intuitively know when a lump or an extra width of a tree appeared that should not be. The instinct, of course, paid off and the assassin did not succeed.

Maybe Jesus wants us drawing and re-drawing His face so much that we know what is trees and what is the sniper settoing up for the shot.  Our drawing will change, adjust as our knowledge of Him changes and grows. And that is okay. He knows we will never get it right, for we are only human. He just wants us to keep learning, keep drawing. That when He appears in our day-to-day, we instinctively know what is Him…and what is not.

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