blog--2014-01--In-choosing-Jesus-wayWhat does it mean to be empowered? This new year, I grabbed three (THREE) daily devotionals to do throughout the year. They all have different foci; one is all about Jesus, one is about prayer, and the third is spiritual motivation for living a victorious life of faith. Rather than writing the devotions this year, I sit under the teaching of others.

And I learn, I need all three. I need different aspects speaking to me on any given day. I need a community of thought from those walking the path to share a fresh word, or even repeat a word heard many times before. And in doing the three, my mind changes. My heart changes. My day goes differently. No magic potion, no special combination. This particular combination rose up as what I needed at this time.

The beauty of it is this: God gives time, energy, and attention to each one of us to spend how we choose. In choosing to look to Jesus from different angles, I see Jesus from different angles all throughout the day. In choosing His way, His thoughts, I choose a different life for myself.

He gives the gift of time. He empowers me to choose. And in my choosing, I go back to Him, where victory makes sense in the light of His kingdom.

12 comments on “On Empowerment and Choices…

  1. passagethroughgrace

    Thank you for your thoughts today. I love these words “where victory makes sense in the light of His kingdom”. Everything makes sense in the light of God’s kingdom. Beautiful!
    Blessings, Mary!

    1. Jennifer Cook Post author

      After being led astray by so many other kinds of “victory,” the kingdom lens remains the only one that brings things together. Thank you, Mary!

    1. Jennifer Cook Post author

      Thanks for popping in, Stela!

  2. Ruth L. Snyder

    Thanks for sharing. I like your comment: In choosing His way, His thoughts, I choose a different life for myself.” That’s what it boils down to – choices every day, throughout the day.

    1. Jennifer Cook Post author

      His grace to allow our choice and His mercy that He sometimes covers us from the consequences of those choices continue to amaze!

  3. Tanisha G.

    I love your blog post!! Thanks for sharing. I think I will do this.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Welcome! Take a look around. I hope you’re enjoying the P31 journey!

  4. lynnbugs

    I started my first devotional this year. It is only one, but along with reading the bible everyday and two bible studies I am just trying to keep up. I love that God has given you time to concentrate on all three and live your daily life more effectively for him because of them. So far in my new year he has given me more time and empowered me to keep my eyes on him. Good for you making these positive changes.

    1. Jenn Post author

      He always seems to provide time when we provide the desire. Keep up the great studying!

  5. senkyoushi

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. It is no magic potion, but days are different when we make time for God!

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