blog--2014-01--Not-what-I-wanted-NotI had to do an errand for work.  In the midst of an overwhelmed mindset, I hoped to get in, out, and on my way. The night before had many hours of not sleeping. Often, when that happens, I either need to shut off my brain or God is curbing the high-strung edge off so I will be less tense the following day.

The latter was the case. I showed up at the errend location to find a slow-moving line of over 50 people where usually there are 5. He increased the time required ten-fold. TEN-FOLD! You know what else He increases ten-fold? Blessings. And mercy

God delivered ten-fold in His mercy. I needed to slow down, get perspective.  And waiting in line ten times as long as normal gave me exactly that opportunity.

Not what I wanted. Not what I planned. And exactly what I needed.

God is funny like that.

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