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Strength for today.

As I look at my energy stores, I realize a gushing leak pours forth,
wasting a precious energy provision by God.

He provides strength for today.
Wise stewardship of that strength requires intervening on strength thieves.

Life stresses sap my supply more than anything.
Equipped each day with strength, He also equips me with ways to stop the thief called stress.

Will I stop?
Will I use those tools unique to me and my life,
or will I continue to mentally feed on stress while it eats away at my joy,
opening up opportunities for discontentment and temptation?

Or will I thrive?
Vibrant, joyful, and with just enough energy for today?

I can’t choose for tomorrow.
But today I choose to thrive.

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Last Modified: November 23, 2014

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