blog--2014-02--greatnessI read…massive amounts. Piles of pages in all different fields scattered across flat surfaces in my home. Financial markets, check. Systematic theology, check. Leadership, check. Human resources hiring practices, check. Tyndale biography, check. Neuroscience, check. Name a novel, check.

In all that reading, this is what I surmise:

Great writing is not about soundbites or 140-character quotes. Great writers become invisible, humbling themselves to magnify that of which they write.  Great writing does not highlight the writer, but draws vibrant yellow streaks through the words that bring life, understanding, and connection of that which would otherwise go under-noticed.

So does great anything. Great athletes show us the love and passion of the sport more than their own accomplishments. Great financial planners teach of markets and systems. Great physical therapists inspire discipline and control. Great doctors magnify the beauty of the body.

If you want to be great, disappear.

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