blog--2014-04--on needing a reality checkOh, people. I am overwhelmed. Something I and my people prayed for years is coming to pass. Years, people. YEARS. Struggle, lessons in patience and endurance continued year after year. In a funny family moment, my dad told my brother how yet-to-be-king David was in the wilderness the same number of years I have waited. My brother responded, “She’s lucky. Moses had to wait 40 years.” Love some great family humor.

Endurance breaking. Patience paying off. The desired outcome has come…and I’m pushing. The plans, carefully thought through over the years, listed made, steps taken…and it’s waiting time. Not waiting for the big things, but waiting for the phone calls. Waiting for quotes and meetings and transition. And I am antsy.

But here’s the reality check: taking a night off, taking a breath will not toss everything down the tubes. I have nearly three weeks to do a whole lot of things. And it is plenty of time. Stopping for a moment won’t mess that up.

Moreso…stopping for a moment won’t mean God will take away the blessing. Relaxing in the reality that the time has come will not result in it disappearing into thin air.

He prepared me for this.

He brought my people around me, even went out and got me more people. So many prayers. So much encouragement. So much vulnerability in asking for the only thing that could break the situation: prayer.

He brought the whole herd of us here to recognize one thing: He is working. He is active. And He knows what’s He’s doing. There is simply no other explanation.

So taking a night to relish that, to make a mocha, curl up in my comfy chair, and enjoy a mindless show won’t take it away. He is glorified. And He will continue to be so. My stressing over the next steps won’t change what He has given. But it will change the enjoyment of His blessing, the relishing in all He has done. Relying on Him got us here; continuing to rely on Him will carry us on.

Are you waiting? Are you praying, and desperate, and begging? Are you and your people tap-tap-tapping on the throne-room, pestering the Father? Keep on. Keep going.

Has the prayed-for change come? Are you both flabbergasted and at a loss all at the same time? Relish. Take a breath. All that patience was built for a reason. Be patient in this time too–for you thought all the rocks would fall with the one. But there’s still process to go. Hang in there too.

And remember: He is working–in you, in your people, in your situation. He is working. Just keep going.

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