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“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring…” –Isaiah 61:1a

“What are you bringing,” the question of the hour for any potluck sign-up sheet. As the organizer, making sure proteins are covered, not wanting to send people home on a dinner of sides. Are there veggies? Chocolate? Beverages? What’s missing?

And there’s always that one person who hangs back. They get asked by others what’s coming from their kitchen to a response of “Not sure yet.” Later, that person will discreetly sidle up to the host, “I’ll bring whatever is still needed.”

A lifesaver.

When there are holes that the host cannot possibly fill, this last contributor lifts a load the host was just beginning to try and carry alone.

In basketball, he’s called the utility player–playing whatever position is needed at any given time. He plays guard when the coach needs a during-game strategy session with the point guard. He slides down to center when the big man needs a breather, because sometimes elegantly-scrappy play can cover when sizable braun needs a moment. He brings what is needed for the team to succeed. His own stats won’t be remarkable in any one area, because he is used in all areas.

He is MVP. He’s loud in action but quiet in attitude. He’s always there to lend support in whatever way that team needs it. The team is the point.

In the spiritual life, Jesus is our utility player. He fills the seen and unseen voids. He gives us each opportunity to bring what we can to the team–and He fills in what remains unfulfilled and necessary.

Our Jesus brings.

Where you feel lack, look for Him.
Where you feel weak, lean on Him.
Where you feel success, pull Him in. For whether you sensed it or not, the Utility Player worked.

He brings joy in the morning.
He brings peace beyond comprehension.
He brings what is necessary that you may be complete, lacking in nothing.

Go to Him now.
Tell Him what you have.
Tell Him where you lack.
And watch the Great Utility Player do what He does best: everything else.

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