blog--2014-10--purpose from boredomJohn Ortberg wrote a number of years ago about disappointment. He described how disappointment was missing an appointment. Specifically, he described that he was disappointed in missing his appointment from God. Even more so, he described how disappointed he was that he wasn’t more disappointed with his disappointment.

Boredom sneaks in from time to time. I realize how I wander about, mentally or actually, without taking advantage of the time laid before me. Tonight was such a night. With hours to invest, I cannot say I necessarily invested them well. Yes, rest was necessary. But more than that, purpose could have reigned my hours.

But where lies the line
between trying to prove myself
and resting in the justification of my Savior.

How much is enough?
How much is too much?

And where is the line drawn
in the sand of the shore
where what is done is washed away
and what is done remains?

What sandcastles will be rocked by the tide,
and which will stick around another day,
for another “generation”, another day of sand-castle builders
to expand,
to grow,
to tear down some walls,
to make it their own?

You never know what might stick.
A toddler claims a favorite song,
and sings it wherever she goes.
A plane full of passengers hears
as adorable “awww”s take the place of “r”s,
and the unabashed joy of singing
fills the cabin with praise.

A little girl
asks for a particular pair of sunglasses
because the young woman at church
who draws with her during worship
wears the same kind.
And the parents agree,
for their young child choosing such a one to follow
makes them smile.

A Sunday School teacher
shows love
every single week
to the second graders in her class,
not knowing that years later
those students still remember.

Every moment.
Every day.
There is opportunity.
We cannot know what will stick.

What we can know is
as we follow Jesus,
as we love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength,
impact happens
whether we see it or not.

What we can know is
He makes all things work together
for good
for those who love Him
and are called according to His purpose.

So though the act may seem small,
or large,
or mundane,
how we spend our time matters.

It matters to Him.
And it just may change a life.

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  1. Cheryl Thomas

    Wonderful truths, Jenn. Just what I needed this morning. Cheryl

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