2014-1117 Your-hearts-desire-may‘Tis the season for baked goods everywhere. I enjoy the creative process of baking and then brining said goods to friends and family. As I ventured into yet another kitchen adventure, I pulled out a “new classic” recipe for our family. There are the classics: those recipes I grew up enjoying. And then there are “new” classics: they have been around long enough to be a go-to recipe, but were only located after childhood.

And boy, is there a tasty one. It involves oatmeal shortbread and cranberries and caramel and dates and pecans. And I promise that unless you are allergic to any one of those things, even thinking you hate them all, this recipe will turn you. Again, avoiding nasty things like anaphylaxis, there has yet to be a one who has not enjoyed this treat–that is, as long as I didn’t divulge the filling before they took a taste.

But there is a secret to this treat. If you last it in parts, it is not so good. If you take a taste once cooled from the oven, even worse. But if you wait, cover it, and give it 24 hours to just hang out there, magic happens. I don’t know the magic, and though I could probably go figure out the science, I prefer to leave it with magic. Because 24 hours later, the treat is absolutely addicting. Giving 24 hours for the flavors to meld, to interact, and to just rest a bit makes quite literally all the difference in the world.

When I share this recipe, it never fails that someone tries it too early…and then tries it the next day to a completely different experience. No warning seems to keep the curiosity at bay, except for the time when several of us who had skipped the waiting ganged-up social-media style on another family member to beg and plead for them to not taste it until it was ready.

There’s something about waiting. There the treat is, all baked and looking ready. But it is not yet ready. It seems ready. It smells ready, but the experienced baker knows to let it sit a while.

Such is the life of faith. Something may look ready for us, may smell ready for us, and may even be logically time for us, but when the Experienced Savior says, “Just give it time,” we would be wise to listen. I would guess that there are far more pleasing things we would experience in life if we would trust when He tells us to wait. Sneaking a taste, just a pinch, before its time only taints the ultimate flavor to be experienced.

If you face something that looks ready, but Jesus keeps telling you to wait, trust me. Just as the cranberry deliciousness needs its 24-hours, 2014-1117 Your-hearts-desire-may

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