It was grocery time again, or at least that’s what the calendar said. But lessened energy kept me driving home instead of the store. And as I considered what to order in, my craving was doused by the realization that my new favorite restaurant is closed on Mondays.

So off to the kitchen to ponder the options. And the inventory list I started that morning calls my attention. Every once in a while I write down everything in the freezer and pantry. At times, I forget what is in there then find myself picking up pieces of meals at the store. The list this time held item after item of favorite flavors. With the craving for take out diminishing, out comes the butter, onions, garlic, and rice. The list of items available isn’t PB&J or a leftover turkey sandwich. It is risotto and seafood, steak and potatoes. The thought of takeout pales in comparison to what is already available to me.

And so I cook. And a podcast about God’s providence when we don’t see Him floats through my mind. On days when His hand may not be obviously seen, His storehouse still overflows. When the grind of faith seems to weigh more than the light burdening yoke Jesus describes, God’s pantry of blessing can be opened to refresh and re-energize.

Remembering that time He delivered a fishes-and-loaves miracle on the mission trip. Or when your friend closed their eyes in wonder at His mercy, overflowing to you and reminding you of the same. Or that prayer answered inexplicably beyond anything you could have imagined. when the support check came out of the blue. Or the car in the intersection missed you by a hair. The first feel of a clear breath after a long cold. Or a great nap after a long week. An author write a sentence that stops you in your tracks because that was *exactly* your thought.

There is a storehouse available to you. Remember His faithfulness. Open the doors of the pantry when the drag of daily life makes you wonder if His love has waned–it hasn’t. And opening the door of remembered blessing will overwhelm you with the true reality: God loves you and He has already magnificently blessed you.

Walk across the kitchen, open the pantry, and dig into the storehouse God already provided.

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