Search for “faithfulness” in scripture and “steadfast love” is most frequently not very far away. Time and time again, the concept of faithfulness partners with steadfast love to create quite the dynamic duo. And it occurs to me that faithfulness without steadfast love would be quite unfulfilling–for both the faithful one and the receiver of the faithfulness.

Steadfast love is no ordinary love. It is consistent, unwavering, and never leaves. It is this kind of love that partners with faithfulness.

Imagine, on the other hand, a faithfulness not filled with love. Imagine someone sticking by you who also despises you. Would you really want that kind of faithfulness nearby? Or worse, imagine someone who sticks by you, but accompanied by a love that wavers. Sometimes they are there because they love you. Sometimes they are there out of sheer grit.

The latter is our kind of faithfulness, isn’t it? We fulfill our commitments, but not always with steadfast love. Thankfully, Christ is not the same as us. His faithfulness, His unwavering dedication to us, is always partnered with steadfast love. Know that. Lean into it. And be assured that whatever comes, the One standing with you loves you deeply.

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