Mary’s day, like any other
Her dreams of the future,
Her hand promised to another.
Little did she know,
her future was about to be shattered.

When God drew near

Joseph’s plans for the future.
His betrothed, blameless before God.
He never would have guessed,
and here he sat,
considering how to show her respect
while divorcing her.

But God drew near

Her growing child,
her loneliness
as nobody could ever, would ever
know exactly what she experienced.
A trip to her aunt Elizabeth’s
also carrying a miraculous conception.
A leaping, pre-birth John the Baptist
And a song from her family.

As God drew near

A census,
a very pregnant belly,
and a tromping donkey.
The poor couple trudged the path
to Bethlehem.
No room for them

Yet God drew near

Bending low to the manger,
the mewls of a newborn King
receiving gifts from wise men
and honor amid the barn

When God drew near

An apple in the garden,
sin came in.
A need for eternal sacrifice,
a plan in place to bring us home.
And it all came to pass

because God wanted us near

One comment on “Emmanuel

  1. Cheryl Thomas

    Wonderfully written, Jenn, and Thank God it’s true!

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