Advertising research shows that it is less expensive to keep a customer than it is to create a new one.

Marketing research shows that word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective, profitable approach to marketing.

Word-of-mouth marketing comes from satisfied customers.

A customer is not always satisfied because you were able to say yes. Sometimes simply explaining the situation and show you care about the customers’ concerns creates understanding and satisfaction.

People with integrity are trusted and become natural opinion leaders in their different realms. Getting someone with integrity to give your business word-of-mouth marketing will pay great dividends.

The kicker with people of integrity is that they rarely announce themselves. They watch, they know their stuff, they read their contracts, they ask quiet questions. And your response matters. People of integrity rarely yell and scream. Yellers and screamers warn you that they will be bad-mouthing your service…but at the same time, how much weight does the yelling and screaming of a yeller and screamer really carry?

It is the quiet customers. The one who walks away knowing that your business upheld integrity or lacked it. They don’t post negative ratings on Facebook. But when asked, they will tell the truth–which is why people ask them.

Because of their quiet approach, the only way to get the word-of-mouth marketing of one of these gold-standard opinion leaders is to continually work in integrity. Continually treat your customers well. Continually speak of your customers well. The opinion leaders will notice–not because you only treated them well, but because they paid attention when the person in front of them in line was being helped. They noticed how many people they needed to ask to get an answer to a question. And they noticed whether your prices and policies seemed fair.

They noticed. And they will tell others.

Be a leader of integrity. Be a company of integrity. And the gold-standard word-of-mouth marketing will come on its own.

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