Something happened in January that sidelined me. And still recovering from that incident, I am emerging with some realizations about life. A long email sent to a friend in response to: “how’s life” revealed much.

But what I realize in this moment is this: I have wasted a ton of time and energy being shocked by life. Shocked people would be mean. Shocked people would go out of their way to be nice. Shocked that things worked out. Shocked that things didn’t work out. Shocked at what “should” be. Shocked that anything turns out in an ideal world.

I get tired even writing those sentences. In a constant state of shock is a rough way to live.

“For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.” –Luke 19:10, ESV

He didn’t come to seek and shock. He came to save us. Save us from our selves, our sin, our wretched being. Drenched in stink, He came to die in our place that we could be clean, that we could come into the presence of the One Holy God. We can’t get there on our own–only the death and resurrection of Jesus, and our accepting Him as His rightful place: Savior–then we can be clean. Then we can know God in a way we couldn’t before.

And He gave us the Bible that we could live in peace. He didn’t come to shock us–He came to bring wisdom, peace, and assurance that this is not our final world.

If you’re living in shock, trust me: there is another life. A life that has peace following the ebb and flow. Not shocked, but not naive either. Just living the life before us that we can eventually live the eternal life with Him.

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