It has been a long six-plus months. I have so missed researching, writing, sending words out into the web-world to shine a light on Jesus. Instead, He’s been shining His light in my own home.

A car accident in January has me still dealing with residual injury, including vertigo that has my brain so tired by the end of the day, early bedtimes are commonplace.

I cannot do what I would normally do…and I hope this is temporary. But in the meantime, He has shown Himself so faithful. Prayer warriors have raised up this challenge time and again. And family with keys to the house have washed more dishes for me, mowed my lawn, painted many a square foot, and driven me about. Admitting what I cannot do has allowed others to help in ways I would have previously, stubbornly refused. Yet, the dishes needed doing. The lawn needed mowing. And they did it for me, out of love, knowing it would bother me that they weren’t done, and even more that I couldn’t do it.

Sometimes as a teacher, seeking to show how Jesus loves us in our every day, we are put in situations where we must receive that which we hope to send out to others.

I can’t write much. I haven’t been able to read for any length of time for months on end as the side-to-side eye motion increased the vertigo. I haven’t been able to do or be many of things for which I had purposed my life. I believe those things will return. Only time will tell.

For years, I have longed to write about Sabbath. And bits of thoughts have appeared on this blog. Yet I wonder if a more powerful story of Sabbath can be written after this, having experienced a forced, months-long rest of a different sort. Only time will tell.

Whatever you’re facing, know you are not alone. He is with you. And what will come of your current situation…only time will tell.

One thought on “Only time will tell…

  1. Jenn, this article shows a wonderful insight into a difficult situation. God makes no mistakes. He loves us. We trust Him. I continue to pray for resolution of your symptoms. Love, Aunt Cheryl

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