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“Life is hard. Chatting with a woman who was stuck, I realized she waited for the same thing many of us do: for life to get easier. Obstacles and failures piled one on top of another in her life. Her excuse was she was still in a hard place. When this hard place moved, she reasoned, she would make the changes needed…” –read the rest on page 5 of The Christian Journal

2 comments on “Published: Life is Flat-Out Hard

  1. Julie Kepler

    Dear Jennifer, I loved this article in the Christian Journal. I, too, have fallen into this trap and the Lord used your article to greatly encourage and motivate me. May He bless you for using the gift He’s entrusted to you!

    Julie Kepler
    Banks, OR

    1. Jenn Post author

      Hi Julie, Thank you for your kind note. I am excited in anticipation with what He will be doing in the future. Have a wonderful weekend. –Jennifer

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