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Gimme the ball, gimme the ball, gimme the ball..

As I watched the Golden State Warriors (pro basketball) this season, I tried to describe concisely what is so different about them. many things can be said, but during game 1 of the Finals, it struck me. Every… Read More

Intention cannot lead…

The work I do requires results. I was brought in to lead now-three departments, each in need of a financial turn-around. Given three years to turn them around or shut them down, the only option for me was… Read More

My God is Not a One-Trick Pony…

Pastors and Teachers–this one’s for you. Are these commonly part of your teaching? “You cannot know how deep love can be until you’ve had your own children” “The best training ground for sacrificial love is marriage.” “It is only… Read More

It’s time…again?

Life. The older I get, the more I see cycles and patterns and how bits and pieces fit together to prepare us for each part of our journey. If you are a follower of Jesus, you can trust… Read More

Life behind an 18-wheeler

I laughed today as I drove the highway, on the way to a family function. Lots of road equals lots of time to think. As I come up behind an 18-wheel, tractor/trailer, I sigh. I hate following them…. Read More