Proverbs 1-30

Day 30: Keep on Keeping on, Proverbs 30

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It has been quite a month of Proverbs.  As the second month of daily devotions draws to a close, I find in this passage several verses that uphold and encourage me in this writing thing.  As almost any writer will tell you, it sometimes seems these words go out into the cosmos, being read by a few or many, and there are just more words tomorrow.  We wonder about their impact.  We wonder about our purpose in this.  But what we know is this: God has called us to write, our souls breathe when we do, and so we keep on keeping on.  Wherever it leads is up to Him, for all we know is we are called.

And sometimes that is just enough to keep on writing.

“There are four things which are little on earth, but they are exceedingly wise: The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their food in the summer; The rock badgers are a feeble folk, yet they make their homes in the crags; The locusts have no king, yet they all advance in ranks; The spider skillfully grasps with its hands, and it is in kings’ palaces.” –verses 24-28

Whatever your calling, keep at it.  Every day.


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Day 29: Choosing Your Contentions, Proverbs 29

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I work in education.  In an environment where research is king, debates and pontifications abound, research methodologies analyzed, and more questions are raised than answered.  Such conversations sometimes lead to great realizations; other times, it is spinning circles leading nowhere.

The latter seems the case when a wise man contends with a fool:

“If a wise man contends with a foolish man, whether the fool rages or laughs, there is no peace.” –verse 9

Choose your debates wisely.  Understand what you hope to gain from the interaction–and if that gain could not possibly be had, disengage before you even start, for all you will earn is a headache.

Put aside the desire to be right, to prove yourself right, and to show the world you are right.  The wise one contends with purpose–and that purpose is to change lives, not to prove himself.

Choose your battles wisely and you may just find you battle far less frequently.


Image by Jolka Igolka

Day 28: An Unveiled Life, Proverbs 28

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In a world exposing any and every thought, there seems to be more and more shallow communication.  We try to present an image that others will find appealing.  The truth is, however, that like appeals to like.  We are broken sinners.  If all we project is having it all together, we lose anyway–for each of us stumbles.  Each of us fails.  And though we may not wallow in the failure, hiding it does no good.

“He who covers his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy.  Happy is them an who is always reverent, but he who hardens his heart will fall into calamity.” –verses 13-14

Keep in mind, confession of sin should be wisely done…broadcasting your sins, putting that depravity out into the world is not the goal.  Unveiling the secrets in trusted quarters that the secret sins do not take over your life is the point.

Jesus came that we might have abundant life.  The Holy Spirit came as Comforter and Counselor.  Trust in them.  Reveal the faults that you may live.


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Day 27: Revealing Love, Proverbs 27

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“Open rebuke is better than love carefully concealed.” –verse 5

Do not delay in showing love.  Despite the fear of vulnerability, despite the history needing to be overcome, despite the fear of the unknown–do not conceal that which God is telling you to reveal.


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Day 26: Taming the Piercing Tongue, Proverbs 26

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If ever you needed reasons to tame your tongue, this chapter should drive the point home pretty well.  The promises of the Proverbs is that a lying tongue, one prone to gossip, and one devising evil will be taken down by God Almighty.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  Fear the results of your actions–for the One who will judge is faithful.


Image by Paolo Ferla