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[Published] Meekness: Exerting Power in Measure…

The Beatitudes (Matthew 5:2-12) sing like a harmony of promises–be this and you will receive that. Yet as I get to “Blessed are the meek” (vs. 5)–clunk. Like hitting three keys next to each other on a piano, this one stops me. The song no longer sounds the same…”

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Published: Let the Little Children Come

“Children are unruly, not yet practiced in culture and politeness. They can be unintentionally rude. They do not conform to the society around them. Their hands are sticky as they run up and grab your pant leg, pointing at something they want you to see…” –read the rest on page 4 of the March 2017 issue of The Christian Journal 

Published: Life is Flat-Out Hard

Catching up on sharing items published elsewhere…

“Life is hard. Chatting with a woman who was stuck, I realized she waited for the same thing many of us do: for life to get easier. Obstacles and failures piled one on top of another in her life. Her excuse was she was still in a hard place. When this hard place moved, she reasoned, she would make the changes needed…” –read the rest on page 5 of The Christian Journal

The Bread Maker’s Secret–The Christian Journal

For bread to grow, leaven must be present. Kneading accomplishes this. The pulling, pushing, folding, and pulling again spreads the leaven throughout the dough. Over and over our lives are stretched and pulled and folded. The Master’s hands push to spread the leaven in our lives…

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