not trust, but truth


photo by mateusz stachowski

God asks us to do things.
sometimes they are hard things
and sometimes we make them hard.

we make them hard
by thinking too much
acting too little
and delaying too long.

until what could have been simple
becomes complicated.
what could have been done quickly
now requires a whole to-do
and mybe even apologies.

we commit to too much
sometimes even knowing
that we will back out.

and yet other times
we simply
expect too little
from our Almighty God.

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uniquely covered…


photo by peter suneson

at the end of the day,
when the stress
and concerns
have worn you thin
and stolen your energy,
where do you hang your hat?

when joy abounds
and you run home to share the news,
where dost thou put thine topper?

when you walk in the door
at the end of the day,
what do you do with your hat?

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photo by jennie mahon

photo by jennie mahon

God, you know how afraid i am of taking control of those things you have given me to handle.

yet i grumble about those things i know are Yours to handle.

there is so much You ask of me
that I must be in great shape
mentally, physically, emotionally,
to handle it.

Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light.
the better shape i am in,
the more i can easily carry.
wimpiness means weakness.
if i remain wimpy in spirit, the loads i can carry are much smaller. Read More

mowing weeds…


photo by sue byford

what on earth?!?  i watch as a man on a shiny riding lawnmower mows a lawn of weeds.  a dead lawn.  full of weeds.

the lawn that hasn’t seen water in months, very dry months at that, is full of dandelions.  instead of pesticide, even organic!, they just mow.

because if it looks like it has no weeds we don’t have to admit that there is a problem.

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freeing toes…


photo by grace brown

we all have patterns–some we want to change, and do.  some we need to change and realize it will take a lifetime to completely transform.  and others we want to change, not because they are bad or damaging, but just because we want to change them–and sometime, we just can’t.

my shoes are the absolute first thing i take off when i walk in the door.  before the mail gets put on the counter, or the coat gets hung in the closet, the shoes are coming off!  years ago, i tried to train myself to take my shoes to the bedroom closet.  that did not work.  and i tried for a solid six months.  what i realized is that taking so seriously the location of where i kicked off my shoes was trumping the very relaxation  i was seeking by kicking them off first.

i confess: i have claustrophic feet.  even as i write this, i am bare-footed.  i love the freedom of wiggly toes, of feeling the blanket wrapped around my feets (yes, plural: feets), of feeling the change from carpet to tile to carpet as i wander through my apartment.  i’m a texture person, and my feet help me experience all the textures of life.

to try and rein in my propensity to kick off my shoes first thing created far more stress than needed.  so instead, i worked with it.  i have a shoe rack just inside my door and another in the hall closet.  so instead of forcing myself to do something that just does not work, i worked with my own tendencies and found a solution that gave me everything i wanted–freedom of feet, and organized shoes all at the same time.

we all do this.  not with our shoes, but with our faith.  Read More