Weed Management Plan–The Christian Journal

You diligently word hard. you set your sight on integrity in all your conduct. You committed to do what was right, knowing that the rewards for doing such would come later. The seeds you planted needed time to germinate, grow, and then bloom.

Out of nowhere, weeds start cropping up where you so diligently prepared. Read the rest on page 6 at this link:

Day 30: In Diligent Pursuit of Godliness, Ecclesiastes 11:1-10

Click here for today’s reading: Ecclesiastes 11:1-10

Reflection: Solomon,the wise, encourages us to keep planting.  He encourages diligence and a recognition that we do not know which seeds will take root.  Rather than, therefore, calling the act of planting worthless, he encourages us to keep going, keep planting.

Application: What, therefore, shall we do?  Rather than contemplate the wind, which cannot be seen, or the sky whose vastness goes beyond our imaginations, we must keep doing the things God has set before us.  Keep planting, keep working, keep going.  For He will water the seeds, and He knows which seeds will take root.

Prayer: Jesus, remind us of Your faithfulness, Your provision, Your hand at work though we may not see it.  Remind us that the Holy Spirit moves in ways we cannot understand.  Encourage our hearts and minds that we may continue the work You have set before us.  Help us keep pressing onward.  In Your precious name, Amen.



Image by Frazier Mohawk