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10 years…

A decade. A lifetime of journals, but a decade ago, I put the words top ring and started distributing them. Groundswell began as a church women’s newsletter of short articles to encourage, empower, and equip the people of God… Read More

Fruit emerges from attachment: Life as a branch

I have seen a lot of things in my years. I felt the breeze that comes when you’re walking near a glacier. I witnessed the inexplicable beauty of a deep lake so blue you can hardly believe that… Read More

The Fruit of the Fruit

The fruit of the Spirit. The mark of the Spirit at work. We learned last time that fruit is pluck-able. It is tangible. And its tangible quality isn’t only for others to see and experience. God made it… Read More

Purpose replacing boredom…

John Ortberg wrote a number of years ago about disappointment. He described how disappointment was missing an appointment. Specifically, he described that he was disappointed in missing his appointment from God. Even more so, he described how disappointed… Read More

Releasing the old, making way for the new…

The household chores get done, one at a time. Frustration over lack of storage in my new abode had me looking at things in a different way. Where I kept things in the past need not be where… Read More